ANDERS GAMMELGAARD NIELSEN: Architecture -Sculpture WORKS 1989-

Bidragets oversatte titel: ANDERS GAMMELGAARD NIELSEN: Skulpturer 1989 - 2012

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Anders Gammelgaard Nielsen (* 25 September 1963 in Aarhus) is a Danish architect and sculptor. He is an associate professor at Aarhus School of Architecture where he has taught since 1986. His field is materials and technology. He has a Ph.D. degree in material aesthetics and is currently conducting research in this field. His research work is especially directed towards the perceptual relationship to materials as well as the opportunities of creating atmospheres through e use of building materials.
As a practicing architect, he designed a series of smaller buildings and structures.

Parallel to his work as an architect, he has a career as a sculptor. He received his basic teaching in sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art and has since been autodidact.
He has exhibited in numerous national exhibitions and is currently a member of the artist group "Guirlanden". He is a member of the Danish Society of Artists and has received awards and grants from the National Arts Foundation.

His sculptural work reflects an evolution from the early modern sculpture with narrative references to a sculpture that rests within its own universe. The early works are strongly influenced by the works of Henry Moore and Barbara Heptworth, whereas the later have a strong affinity to the works of Constantin Brancusi and Eduardo Chillida.
The developments in the sculptural works can be seen with a parallel to the architectural research in materials and tectonics. Thus his research work has resulted in artefacts with a direct coherence to the later sculptural works. This is reflected through a self-referential system that is emerging between the substance, its technical processing and the resulting form.
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