An Exploratory Study of Using Speculative Artefacts in Co-Design

Sofie Kinch, Minna Pakanen, Kasper Heiselberg, Christian Dindler, Anne Mette Iversen, Peter Gall Krogh

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


This paper presents a case study exploring the use of speculative artefacts framed
within the Fictional Inquiry co-design technique. The case is derived from a project
investigating current practices and potential future strategies to improve patients’ hand hygiene standards at the Department of Oncology of Aarhus University Hospital. The paper explores how five speculative artefacts were designed and used to inquire into participants’ experiences of their hand hygiene, both concerning current practice and future ideas. Our study demonstrates how the speculative artefacts used in Fictional Inquiry supported participant’s immersion and engagement in co-design sessions and how the artefacts were used to maintain momentum through the session.
TidsskriftCoDesign: International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts
Antal sider19
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 24 jan. 2022

Kunstnerisk udviklingsvirksomhed (KUV)

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