Agents of Change: fashioning sustainability in the Danish fashion industry

Else Skjold, Frederik Larsen

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This chapter provides an indepth stock of affairs on fashion SME’s in Denmark, and their sustainability transition work in recent years. The chapter builds on a comprehensive body of knowledge of the authors gathered through various types of data collection and participant observations. The combination of these sources evidences the transition work that is taking place amongst the Danish fashion industry players, from individual designers and companies to larger organizational actors. In this way, the chapter documents the barriers and potential, and identifies the roles of designers, SMEs and institutions in leveraging positive sustainable change. As a framing understanding lies the research ideas behind two initiatives; firstly, the development of the MA Fashion, Clothing and Textiles: New Landscapes for Change carried out by primary author Spring 2020 at the KADK. Secondly, research ideas behind the 2020-2022 Copenhagen Week Action Plan that was launched 28th of January 2020. The plan was developed by co-author and co-founder of Consultancy Agency In Futurum, and in the chapter we draw on the insights gained through the engaged research carried out in the production of the plan. Furthermore, the chapter will provide data collected in a large-scale survey together with DK trade organization Danish Fashion and Textiles (DM&T) in the Autumn of 2020, that was disseminated to their 300+ members consisting of fashion- and textile brands and retailers. This survey took stock of the state of affairs in the aftermath of Covid-19, and how this effected the organizational work on sustainability within the companies. Finally, insights will be provided from a teaching module at the MA in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship at KADK, which had transformation work on the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) as a challenge in the Autumn of 2020. Alltogether, the interpooling of these insights will provide a unique understanding of the particular way sustainability unfolds in the local industry and, and provide a lens on the future for Copenhagen as Nordic fashion capital
TitelCopenhagen Chic : A Locational History of Copenhagen Fashion
RedaktørerKatrina Sark, Marie Riegels Melchior
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ForlagIntellect Books
StatusUnder udarbejdelse - 15 jun. 2020


  • fashion sustainability
  • fashion industry
  • Fashion Education
  • danish design

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