Summary: The project is contextualised in anticipation of a future where raw material is minimised, thus building with what we currently regard as waste becomes the common paradigm. The project explores the different types of defects that feature in wood, and how these can be visualised and represented in different ways with an aim to putting them forward as materials (not seen as waste) that can contribute to architecture. This is explored using a variety of media, including plaster casts, photography, text and 3D scans that each recontextualise ‘defects’ enabling us to view them differently, so they no longer have a negative value, but instead offer an opportunity for creating functional architectural elements with aesthetic qualities. The different explorations are overlayed using “multimodal approach”, presented on an ongoing website available the public to both learn and speculate on possible futures for waste wood in the context of architecture.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/202031/12/2021