• Høyer, Professor Karl Georg (Projektleder, faglig)
  • Vestergaard, Inge (Projektleder, faglig)
  • Kalema, Professor Timo (Projektleder, faglig)
  • Lang, Günther (Projektdeltager)
  • Zipelius, Jens (Projektdeltager)



The main objective of this project is the promotion of innovative, technically advanced, and aesthetically qualified renovations/modernizations and retrofits for the extreme energy efficiency of existing Nordic, large, urban buildings. To gain the necessary knowledge-basis, systematic scientific studies will be carried out of several real-life case buildings in all four participating Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Besides the research community, the research consortium sees as the main user group and beneficiary for this work the general construction industry in Norden, including developers of housing projects, consulting architects and engineers, landowners, real property companies, construction companies, and places of higher education concerned with construction and design. The energy use and comfort level of the existing stock of large, urban buildings in the Nordic countries presents an interesting and important challenge both to scientific studies of buildings and implementation policies for the construction industry.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201031/01/2013


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