Project Distortion II



An acoustic zone is defined by the enclosing surface. Project Distortion II seeks to create sonic subspaces within a single acoustic zone through manipulations of the enclosing surface. The project seeks to create gradient acoustic conditions through the use of parametric sound controlling components. It is imagined that the Project Distortion II will have at least two distinct zones with a gradient condition between. The construction of the project should be of massive material so as to provide sound isolation, and limit sound transmission. The parametric sound controlling components will capitalize on the digital manufacturing devices of the manufacturers. The geometry of these components will be controlled so as to modulate the previously mentioned sonic effects, and to create the different spatial relations between sound and sight. The project was installed at both Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 and 1:1 Research by Design Exhibition in Copenhagen.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201010/04/2011