Nordic Sustainable Architecture



Nordic architecture has (re)gained interest globally, inspired by many Nordic architects' holistic approaches to current environmental, climatic and societal challenges, often innovating beyond energy and climatic issues; pushing new methods and innovations while maintaining or re-imagining architectural qualities from the humanist design tradition. It is this background that acts as a driver for our case-study based research of Nordic sustainable architecture.

​We are interested in non-traditional design processes and methods, starting from the built cases, looking back to understand the approaches, design and building processes, while also looking ahead to the building in-use and how it may be adaptable over time. We undertake this research both through testing existing quantitative and qualitative research methods and developing new mapping, evaluation and analysis methods of different Nordic approaches to sustainable architecture and its regional design processes. We critically look at what works well and what could be improved, reflecting on what other regions can learn from, and be inspired by through these approaches and the developed methods.
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