Design research has been a growth area in universities over the last 15 years. Scandinavian countries have been well-positioned in this evolving field of research. To further develop research in Scandinavia, and to consolidate the acknowledged position of the region in international research field, we propose to set up a Nordic network for exchanging senior researchers to:
1) develop research agenda in Scandinavia
2) exchange experience on structural issues at work in research education, and policy.
The network will run three (3) years. It is coordinated through Nordes (see, and its co-hosts will be Department of Design at Aarhus School of Architecture, and Department of Design at Aalto University, Helsinki. The network asks for funds for travel and accommodation costs for on average 7 exchange periods à 1-3 months annually.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/201030/11/2013