Kunstnerisk udviklingsprojekt der undersøger kollektive arbejdsprocesser i arkitektur.

Our artistic research project ‘Motherboard’ explores collective making as a method for creating new architecture.
The former Sea Plane Hangar at Holmen in Copenhagen, now housing 150 students of architecture, act as site and topic for our research. The space of the Seaplane Hangar is inextricably linked to a culture of collective processes. With
the project we aim to distil these processes into a spatial gesture, a table, in which negotiations can take place. We will explore how to generate a ‘motherboard’ which on one hand is an architectural and artistic statement and on the other hand an invitation to let in other participants into the collective process of making. One output of our research is to construct a
territory that holds its own story of creation and conveys a contemporaneity of memory, place, matter and the scale of the body - An archive, an idea and a place for actions. The table is a foldable construction, that can occupy different positions. By changing the territory, we can manipulate and investigate the rules of collective making. The table is also portable which makes it possible to establish the Hangar territory in various external contexts.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202101/04/2024