Investigation of the environmental factors effects on organic materials constituting the natural and cultural heritage (InvEnvOrg)



    Problems resulted by the climatic changes all over the world are affecting the state of preservation of the museum collections’ objects and especially those of organic origin.

    This project focus on organic materials, of animal as well as of plant origin, that are prone to decay, because they are affected not only by the abiotic but also by the biotic environment, and because at the same time they are the less preserved and studied materials.

    Therefore, the research towards the determination of the decay mechanisms of these materials, during display and/or storage, is of national and international research priorities aiming at a complete planning of Preventive Conservation for museum collections.

    The project concept and objectives are:

    Research on the determination of the critical environmental factors affecting the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of organic materials.

    Research on the standardization of artificial ageing methodology, on the documentation of the materials under study and highlight the best decay diagnostic methods.

    The project will be developed in seven work packages which include the artificial ageing of organic materials samples, the study of the environmental influence on them in museums, the control of their physical and chemical properties, the statistical elaboration of the results and the evaluation of the overall project.

    The expected results are:

    Modeling the artificial ageing protocol of raw organic materials.

    Standardization of diagnostic techniques for decay control of untreated organic materials.

    Creation of a database of air pollutants found in museums, aiming at the creation of functional models simulating their dynamic action.

    Enhancement of the environmental factors and of the critical values in which the organic substrates are endangered by irreversible damage.

    Creation of a data bank of artificially aged samples and of a library of FTIR and chromatography spectra.

    School of Conservation contributes as an Associate Partnerto to the research on bones, leather, parchment and textile as well as studies in breakdown mechanisms, accelerated ageing experiments in general. Moreover, René Larsen act as Coordinator of Work Package 6 "Synthesis - Evaluation of results"
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