Immediations: Art, Media and Event is a large-scale partnership between 11 universities (14academic research centres), 17 community partners, 21 co-applicants and 2 collaborators. Its goal is to formalize and solidify an existing network of collaboration that has been developed over the past 8 years through the activities of the SenseLab (, while extending the collaboration to newcommunity partners. The SenseLab, directed by Erin Manning at Concordia University, is a laboratory for research-creation pairing art and philosophy. The partnership comprises universities and community partners who are actively involved in research-creation (through PhD programs, exhibition practices, research residencies, and research dissemination activities). The central aim is to study research-creation as a form of knowledge production in its own right, to explore its grounding and methods, and to foster its practice internationally.
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  • Art
  • Event
  • Research-creation
  • Research by design