Humanitarian Disaster: Challenges for Architecture



Course Objective: Humanitarian Disasters are a) Natural, b) Armed Conflict, andc) Public Health related. When they occur, thousands of people need shelter immediately. Our course wants to a) explore what the architect can do in this situation and b) use this experience to find new ways of making architecture for the future.The course consists of two parts:1) Introductory guest lectures by professionals working in the disaster by professionals working in the disaster relief field. 5 lectures September-November 2009, at Dept 7, RASA.2) Workshop led by UN Habitat specialists, two weeks 11-22. January 2010 led by UN Habitat specialists, two weeks 11-22. January 2010 where specific disaster solutions will be developed.The course is a collaboration between the following partners:
Royal Academy Architecture School, Department of Human Settlements, Institute 3, Universitá degli studi di Sassari, Scuola di Architettura Alghero, ItaliaArchitects without Borders Denmark, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique, UN Habitat Mozambique
Course language: English. Participants: 25 at workshop. Lectures open.
The course is primarily developed for Department 7, 4th year students at Royal Academy School of Architecture (RASA), Copenhagen.
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