devA_developable surfaces in architecture



Within the research project devA CITA is going to investigate new,more efficient ways of thinking, designing and producing complex form due to Developable Surfaces. As this type of curved surfaces inherit only single curvature, it is relatively easy to produce, while the combinations of multiple surfaces permit a high degree of complexity, which can guide to new possibilities and spatial experiences.

Developable surfaces have served well in the construction of complex surfaces, as in aircraft, textiles and shipbuilding industry. Latest achievements in Digital design, construction and fabrication offer new possibilities for the use of developable Surface techniques in architecture.

MAPT tegnesture
Sani Stål Danmark
Waterjet Sweden
Martin Tamke, CITA

ongoing project
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/200731/07/2008


  • Statens Kunstfond: kr 50.000,00
  • Dreyers Fond: kr 50.000,00


  • Digitale modeller
  • CAD
  • parametrisk design
  • stål
  • materialer