Concerns a formalized KUV (Artistic Development Work)-reflection of the visual dimension of the central book project relative to KADK’s cross-disciplinary research project Spaces of Danish Welfare. The project investigates relations between research data acquisition and how careful reflection of the aesthetics of their visual expression can affect data impact as well as data acquisition. The KUV project aims at embracing aesthetic potentials of visual expression as an integral part of a well-considered dissemination strategy relative to the scientific results of the individual SDW sub-projects. The project will be structured in three stages: “Tydelighed”: securing early and careful crafting of the graphic elements of each of the ongoing SDW sub-projects; “Tæthed”: a thorough reflection of the productive interplay between academic rigor and the aesthetics of the public outreach ambitions of the SDW- project; “Dybde”: contextualizing the SDW book among related artifacts that bring together scientific and aesthetic practices while maintaining their irreducible/insoluble difference.
Effektiv start/slut dato12/05/2020 → …