Reinventing Dharavi : An international Ideas Competition

Pris: Priser


International competition - students with their teachers (this was compulsory).

The Honorary Mention is a based on a Group collaboration called Realizing Dharavi between: Richard Conway (teacher), Sangram Shirke (teacher), Therese Hägglund, Krut Zetterlund, Hanna Ivansson, Viktor Sjölander, Maja Hallén, Julia Samberg, Carin Thorstensson, Carl Elgenstierna, Emma Sandvik, Linda Unterrainer, and Walter Unterrainer (teacher and examiner).

"the prize winners were chosen for their holistic ideas and their proposals on how the proposal could be progressed after the competition …. they had a universal strength in their analysis”

I participated as professor and examiner (2013) of UMA. The entry to the competition made in autumn 2014. I contributed the article ´ An unforgettable lesson from Dharavi´.
OrganisationerUrban Design Research Institute


eventReinventing Dharavi
locationMumbai , Indien
Periode16 dec. 2014 → 31 dec. 2014