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Personlig profil


Architect with interest in architectural judgement. I study, engage in and experiment with judgement through multiple activities of which I mention a few below. I am always open to dialogue, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or ideas for collaboration.

At the Royal Danish Academy, I am affiliated with the unit Cultural Heritage, Transformation and Restoration. In collaboration with Realdania I have studied the practice of valuation as a means of judgement of architectural heritage. Most recently I have edited the book Hands On: The Value of Building Culture (2020) in collaboration with Victor Julebæk and Christoffer Harlang. The book is written in English and accessible at The Architect’s Shop:

Together with Anders Rubing and Andrea Ougaard I have initiated the experimental platform Jävla kritiker!/Damn critics! The experiments result in exhibitions, articles and talks with focus on architectural criticism. Read more in the Scandinavian languages or in English at

Since 2019 I am in charge of the architectural prize Årets Arne which is awarded by The Danish Association of Architects. I have led a relaunch of the prize in 2020 with a new process of long list, nomination and selection of the winner. Info on the prize and winners is available in Danish at

I am the editor of the new Nordic Magazine for Architecture and Culture/ Magasin for Bygningskunst og Kultur, published by the Institute for Architecture and Culture. The magazine holds articles with original scientific and artistic research and popular science. Read the magazine at

I am a skilled member of boards and committees with experiments from among others the board of The Danish Association of Architects(2019-2021) and the Study Committee(2019-present) at the Royal Danish Academy where I am currently chairman.


  • Bygningskunst
  • Arkitektonisk kulturarv
  • Arkitektonisk værdisætning
  • Arkitekturkritik
  • Bygningskunst
  • Analyse og nedbrydning
  • Byggeri
  • By
  • Historie og kultur
  • Kultur- og naturarv
  • Landskab
  • Proces og metode
  • Restaurering og transformation
  • Teori og filosofi
  • Æstetik og form