Mette Agger Eriksen

Ph.d., Lektor, Arkitekt, specialisering i (Co)Design metodik og bæredygtig udvikling

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Personlig profil


Mette Agger Eriksen, Associate Professor, PhD. Mette has been employed at KADK since Dec. 2016. Her main research interests concerns materially integrating sustainable and (co)designerly practices in the public sector. 

Mette has a Master in Architecture from The School of Architecture in Aarhus (2003) with specialization in user-centred collaborative (industrial) design. Previously she has worked at several universities but mostly at K3, Malmö University in Sweden, where she did her doctoral and postdoc studies within interaction design and participatory/co-design. As a part of her doctoral studies between 2006-10 she was partly engaged in developing experimental design research environments at the Danish Centre of Design Research and the Danish Design School. 

Mette primary research field is practice-based design research and her research approach particularly combines programmatic design research, participatory / co-design as 'infrastructuring' and actor network theory. The research has paid special attention to the materiality of situated socio-material co-designerly practices – increasingly with focus towards sustainable change. She has studied this across domains such as healthcare, learning environments, waste handling, libraries, municipal urban planning practices etc. Mette has extensive experiences of engaging in cross-disciplinary European and Scandinavian research projects, and received several awards for her collective research efforts. 

In terms of teaching at KADK, she is mostly engaged in the continuing education programmes 'Master in Design' and 'Diploma in Design Management'. Additionally, in teaching at the Ph.d. School where she has been responsible for a course on practice-based design research or research-through-design since 2018. Additionally, she has many years of experience in developing and teaching topics such as interaction design, co-design, service design, experimental design (research) practices etc.  

From her previous engagements in an array of research projects, Mette has a large international network of practice-oriented design researchers. At KADK till May 2019 Mette was a core member of CODE, Center for CoDesign Research.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Arkitekt, specialiseret i industrielt design og bruger-orienteret kommunikationsdesign, Arkitektskolen Aarhus

sep. 1996jan. 2003

Dimissionsdato: 20 jan. 2003

Eksterne ansættelser

Forsker, Malmö Universitet

sep. 2014nov. 2016

Post-doc, Malmö Universitet

sep. 2012sep. 2014

Program-ansvarlig International Interaktionsdesign kandidat, Malmö Universitet

jun. 2010nov. 2011

Ph.d. projekt tilknytning, Aarhus Universitet

jan. 2005dec. 2005

Ph.d. studerende (inkl. 2 x barsel mm), Malmö Universitet

jan. 2004jun. 2012

Forskningsassistent, Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Skolens Bestyrelse



  • Proces og metode
  • co-design
  • offentlig og social innovation
  • fokus på socio-materielle situationer
  • service design
  • praksis-baseret programmatisk, eksperimenterende designforskning
  • tværfagligt samarbejde
  • samskabelse
  • Materialer
  • i forhold til co-design praksis
  • eksperimenterende
  • Teknologi og digital design
  • tidligere underviser i interaktions design
  • Industriel design
  • baggrund