Billede af Isak Worre Foged

Isak Worre Foged

Professor MSO (MSc.Eng.Arch., M.Arch., MAA, PhD)

  • Philip de Langes Allé 10, Bygning 68. Indgang C+D

    1435 København K



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Personlig profil


The research objective is to develop knowledge and methods for adaptive architectures across scales of application - as instruments to higher life quality for the individual, and an answer to how our society becomes sustainable. This means to investigate the temporal and dynamic relations between material and environment and how these constellations can de designed to influence humans positively. Through a hybrid methodology, studies are driven by experimental material and computational studies to understand and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative aspects in laboratory and fields conditions.  

After studies at Aalborg University in Aalborg, EsArq in Barcelona and Columbia University GSAPP in New York, I completed my interdisciplinary PhD in architecture and engineering in 2015, with the title ‘Environmental Tectonics: Matter Based Architectural Computation’. The thesis contributes with both a theoretical framework to constructing environments for humans through material-environmental processes, and a series of specific design methods for the approach towards sustainable environmental architectures. Following my dissertation, I formed a group of researchers at Aalborg University based on externally funded projects, with the aim to pursue research questions on designing material dynamic systems and advanced integrative design and fabrication processes. 

In 2020, I relocated to The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Institute of Architecture and Design, as Professor with specific responsibilities. Here, advanced studies in material, design and technological systems form the on-going research agenda, with the clear aim to create significant contributions for the transition to a sustainable society. 

As a research leader, I have as PI formulated, organized and lead more than 10 research and innovation projects, which are based on cross-border, cross-disciplinary and cross-sectorial teams. I have focused on leading projects through synergies between specialists to form an ecology of knowledge and skills to address the specific project and specific research questions, including researchers from architecture, design, engineering, psychology, robotics, computer science, biology and material science and industry partners from architecture, engineering, material manufacturers, robotics, timber/mason crafts and museums/exhibition organisations. 


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