Billede af Isak Worre Foged
  • Philip de Langes Allé 10, Bygning 68. Indgang C+D

    1435 København K



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Personlig profil


An architect and engineer by training, Professor Isak Worre Foged conducts research and teaching at The Royal Danish Academy, where he leads the Cluster for Material Studies. He studied at Aalborg University, Institute of Architecture and Design (obtaining MSc.Eng.Arch. and PhD.), School of Architecture, UIC, Barcelona (obtaining M.Arch.) and GSAPP, Columbia University (PhD studies).


Research is focused on investigating and developing new dynamic relations between materials, humans and specific environments, where thermal and acoustic phenomena are of particular focus, impacting both individual quality of life and society’s ability to become sustainable. Studies are theoretically positioned in his evolving theory of Environmental Tectonics, a trajectory within Tectonics in architecture. 


Working through both analytical and experimental studies based on transdisciplinary methods and teams, research is ignorant to disciplinary borders and conventions of application. Through this position research projects are driven by bespoke teams from architecture, design, engineering, psychology, anthropology, robotics, computer science, material science and the craft disciplines. 


  • Bygningskunst
  • Design
  • Materialer
  • Proces og metode
  • Teknologi og digital design
  • Æstetik og form