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Imke Wies van Mil is educated as an industrial designer (TUDelft) who specialised into architectural lighting design via further studies (UCL) and design consultancy (Ove Arup, Amsterdam and London - and Henning Larsen, Copenhagen). Her background combined with personal motivation to better understand the impact of our designed world on our well-being and behaviour, drove her to investigate how artificial lighting can be applied in contemporary educational environments to benefit pupils’ learning. The research presented in her PhD thesis was conducted as an industrial PhD in collaboration with architectural practice Henning Larsen and the Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation.



Imke's PhD research investigates the potential of artificial lighting in learning environments to improve the conditions for undisturbed learning. Disturbances in class are found to be predominantly caused by pupils themselves, typically manifested as noise. A quieter learning environment may be achieved by discouraging pupil behaviours that cause disruptions. Preceding research has established that artificial lighting in learning spaces has an impact on pupils beyond making things visible. For example, lighting affects pupils’ mood, motivation and social interactions, which in turn impacts behaviour and learning performance.

Through a design intervention in a live school environment, this research has established that artificial lighting can be purposely utilised in contemporary learning spaces to reduce the occurrence of disturbing behaviours during class and improve the conditions for undisturbed learning.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Light & Lighting, MSc, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London

1 sep. 200731 aug. 2009

Dimissionsdato: 31 aug. 2009

Industrial Design Engineering, MSc, Delft University of Technology

1 sep. 199831 aug. 2005

Dimissionsdato: 31 aug. 2005

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Passenger Experience Lead, DSB

1 okt. 2020 → …

Lysdesigner, Henning Larsen Arkitekter

1 jan. 201530 jun. 2020

Researcher + Designer, IT-Universitetet i København

1 jan. 201431 dec. 2014

Lysdesigner, ARUP

1 jul. 200531 dec. 2012


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