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Personlig profil



1987 PhD, Glasgow University (Mackintosh School of Architecture)
1971  MSc in Environmental Conservation, Heriot-Watt University
1968  Diploma in Architecture, CCA (University of Kent) 

Membership of professional institutions

  • Architects Registration Board (ARB) 1970-
  • Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 1970-
  • Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) 1974-
  • Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) 1988-

Academic employment experience

Current  2008-2009 Associate Professor of Sustainable Architecture: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
2001-2007 Professor of Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art/ Heriot-Watt University
2006-2007 Director of the Graduate Research School, ECA
1994-2001 Professor of Architecture, Huddersfield University
1987-94 Senior Lecturer, Strathclyde University
1980-87 Lecturer, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow University 


Director (non executive) Kirklees Energy Saving Trust 1996-2000

  • Member, RIBA Sustainable Futures Committee 1995-2001
  • RIBA Sustainability Advisor 1999-2001
  • Member, Editorial Board, RIBA Publications 2000-4
  • Member, Editorial Board ‘Sustainable Development' ERP Environment. John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2003-7
  • Member, RIAS Research and Development Board 2002-5


  • Rough Guide to Sustainability nominated book for World Book Day, 2006
  • Sustainable Housing Gold Medal, CIOB Literary Award for co-authored book, 2001

Research supervision

Successful supervision of 9 PhD students (Full-time and Part)
Research leader in Architecture University of Huddersfield, ECA, Edinburgh 


  • The Modern Airport Terminal Spon Press (London) 2005, ISBN 0 415 24812 4
  • Courtyard Housing: Past, present and future (with Magda Sibley, Mohammad Hakmi and Peter Land) Taylor and Francis (London and Abingdon) 2005 ISBN 0 415 26272 0
  • Edinburgh: the making of a capital city (with Paul Jenkins) Edinburgh university Press (Edinburgh) 2005 ISBN 0 7486 1868 6
  • Libraries and Learning Resource Centres (with Biddy Fisher) Architectural Press (Oxford) 2001, ISBN 0 7506 46055
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    Scottish Seaside Towns BBC Publications (London) 1987 ISBN 0563 204524

Chapters in Edited Books

  • Architecture of Shade Health Education Authority/RIBA Pubs (London) 1997 ISBN 0752110.284
  • Chapter on Alexander Thomson in G Stamp and Sam McKinstry (Eds) "Greek" Thomson (Edinburgh University Press) 1994 ISBN 07486 04804. Awarded International Architecture Book Award, 2001
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  • Chapter "Nouvelles perspectives de l'architecture des chemins de fer" in Villes En Gares, Joseph Isaac (ed) Editions de l'aube, Paris, 1999. ISBN 9.78286.784840
  • Chapter ‘Les avantages des bureaux de qualite envirnnementale au Royaune-Uni' in Eco-logiques Les Cahiers De La Camber Architecture (Brussells) 2005
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  •  Sustainability and Education in the Built Environment' in The Sustainability  curriculum eds     J. Blewitt and C. Cullingford. (Earthscan/ Ashgate) 2004.  ISBN 1-85383-949-32004

   Refereed Journal Papers

  • ‘Benefits of green Offices in the UK: Analysis from examples built in the 1990s' Sustainable Development 2006 no 14 p190-204
  • ‘Mind the Gap- the architecture of transport' Proceedings of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution vol8 2003-4 p253-4
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  • ‘Environmental design and educational performance with particular reference to ‘green' schools   shools  in Hampshire and Essex' Research in Education No77 November 2006 p14-32




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