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Anne is employed as an assistant professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

Her research area focuses on socially sustainable neighborhood and city development, and how the built environment relates to community building. Her research contains investigations of more abstract architectural terms as atmosphere, place attachment, and place identity.

She is specialized in co-creation and participatory design processes, which she also integrates into her research, as research through design processes.



Anne is trained as an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2008 and finished her Ph.D.  from Design School Kolding, Lab for Social Design in 2019.

After her Ph.D. she worked as an assistant professor at Design School Kolding, where she was also head of the master program Design for People.

Before entering Design School Kolding, Lab for Social design., she worked five years in practice with urban development projects and wayfinding in Danish Hospitals.

All Anne´s projects and research are focused on people in relation to the physical environment, and how the design of our surroundings affects behavior and wellbeing.

01.08. 2021 Assistant professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture

02.11.2019 Assistant professor, Design School Kolding, and head of Master program Design for People

01.11.2019 Defending her Ph.D. Place making Makers

01.02. 2018 - Head of Master program Design for People

01.05.2015 – 01.11.2019 Ph.D. fellow Design School Kolding

01.10.2013 - 01.05.2015 - Scientific assistant, LAB, Design School Kolding

01.08.2012- 01.07.2013 - Architect at GP Architects

24.02.2009 - 01.08.2012 - Architect at NIRAS Konsulenterne

17.06.2008 - Graduate from Aarhus School of Architecture

1996 - Graduate from Aarhus Katedralskole


Former member of Architect-associations local board of directors

Former member of an Advisory board for Vejle Municipality and Vejle Libraries

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Dimissionsdato: 17 jun. 2008

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  • Social Design
  • Social Interaction and Everyday Life
  • Proces and Methodology
  • Housing/ neighbourhoods
  • participatory design
  • social sustainability
  • city development
  • community