Co_Habitation: Think Human



Anne Beim talks about the use of living space in Denmark and how it will evolve in the future.
Anne is Professor of Architectural Technology at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
The talk took place during Copenhagen Design Week 2011
In 2010 The Danish Arts Agency launched an open call to kick-start an architectural and social debate. Titled "Co-habitaion", the call was aimed at raising awareness of the architectural, social and environmental consequences of the way we live today. The goal was to generate ideas for the development of optimal, sustainable home design and homes and towns that can inspire people to live and work closer to each other - to "co-habit".

The call was for short films - max. 3 minutes, and at the Co-habitation exhibition during Copenhagen Design Week 2011 you can watch 12 of these short films.
Anne Beim explains what were the ideas behind this initative.



Periode3 sep. 2011





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