Weltgeschichten der Architektur.

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed Deltagelse i workshop, seminar og kursus


Histories of architecture covering the whole world were (and are still being) published from the beginning of the eighteenth century until today. Paradigms, approaches and theories changed dramatically during this period. From the comparative histories of religion and culture of the Enlightenment to the national and imperial narratives of the nineteenth century, from the racist and völkisch models of interpretation up to decolonization and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage – concepts about architecture, nature, and origins always play a prominent role. The workshop will discuss authors and theories on the day of the opening of the exhibition “Weltgeschichten der Architektur. Ursprünge, Narrative, Bilder 1700‒2016”.
Periode14 dec. 2016
PlaceringMünich, Tyskland


  • Relations
  • world architecture
  • History