Under‐specified Models: smart strategies for supporting flexible architectures

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation Foredrag og mundtlige bidrag


In his talk, Phil will speak about the project Persistent Model #3, on exhibition at Materfad over the course of the Fadfest. The project is the result of practice‐based research conducted at CITA which explores emergent intersections between architecture and digital technologies.

Underlying the Persistent Model series of projects is a concern with the role of under‐specified models to support adaptive design strategies and adaptive architectural constructs. The idea of under‐specified models may at first seem counter‐intuitive as the activity of design is generally regarded as aiming towards greater degrees of specificity, especially when focusing upon issues of realisation. However, under‐specified models find real traction as a means for dealing with situations in which there is incomplete information, continual change, unpredictability, uncertainty and the need to manage multiple criteria that are often conflicting – conditions which are endemic to both architectural design and use.

Phil will describe how computational approaches are used for establishing models that continually recalculate, adapt and exhibit different states in the face of design and use contexts that are in continual change.

Invited to participate in this seminar associated with the Materfad 'Smart Flexibility' exhibition.
Periode25 jun. 2014
BegivenhedstitelMaterlab: Active Flexibility
PlaceringBarcelona, Spanien