Semester Works E12: Exhibition: studio approach´s results - fall term 2012

Vestergaard, I. (Underviser)

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Scattered in our towns, we find plenty of potential ready to be discovered and taken over in order to create free space and social interaction - as well as sustainable building and a general boost of quality. In the fall semester 2012 we - at Studio Approach - have been focusing on a sustainable upgrading of the “urban fabric” – the random places that appear because of changes in the physical context resulting from use and wear. To study this we have been working in the courtyards connecting the “soon-to-be-abandoned” Main Library at Mølleparken and Vestergade/Lynfabrikken in the Center of Aarhus.
Through various semester projects, students have studied the potentials of the context – partly as cultural heritage, partly as materials and structures with embodied energy. The exhibition presents their working process and final interventions - spaces that make random meetings possible, bring daylight into play under difficult circumstances, and extend and qualify the architectural potential of the site.

As study method several attitudes to learning is used – these learning methods represents different ways of anticipating the sustainable design challenges. – The teaching goal is to investigate the potentials of generating form which introduces the phenomena’s of sustainability.
The foci daylight, space and materiality are studied through workshops in which the students in groups elaborate through “learning by doing”. The results are related to both the experienced and the measurable - as fundaments for understanding technology and architecture as an optimized process and result.
Parallel to these workshops an individual semester project is binding all learned knowledge together through an integrated working method where structure, organization, building envelope and energy efficiency is introduced to complex form finding.

Curated by Inge Vestergaard, Kari Moseng and KRADS Architecture
Periodejan. 2013
Sted for afholdelseapproaching sustainable architecture: graduate studio at Aarhus School of Architecture, Danmark


  • architecture and sustainability