Questions of Representations in Architecture

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QUESTIONS OF REPRESENTATIONS IN ARCHITECTURE In recent years, we have seen many architectural offices invest increasingly in imaging policies. At the same time, we find that architectural schools prioritize more and more the study of visual techniques and representations. We cannot deny that representational strategies, the media assemblage and visual technique exercise imperious powers upon our experience and interpretation of architecture. There is a tendency that these powers have a hold on market branding devices as well as on architectural learning and public dissemination. We wish to address and discuss this tendency. What is gained with this development, and what is lost? What are the effects on a political level and what, if anything, can we learn from history and other related areas? How should we research the phenomenon and what are the apposite ways to disseminate the results?
Periode27 jan. 2011


  • arkitektur
  • repræsentationer
  • arkitekturteori
  • medieteori
  • fotografi
  • perception
  • arkitekturhistorie