Persistent Modelling - extending the role of architectural representation (Tidsskrift)

Ayres, P. (Redaktør)

    Aktivitet: Peer-review/fagfællebedømmelse og redaktionelt arbejde Redaktør af uafslutttet antologi/samleværkForskning


    The purpose of this book is threefold; firstly, to define, conceptually frame and philosophically ground the notion of the Persistent Model and the activity of Persistent Modelling; secondly, to identify and report upon significant shifts in practice where circular relationships between representation and artefact are
    emerging; thirdly, to identify and speculate upon further implications of Persistent Modelling for architecture both as practice and as built artefact.

    This will be an edited book with around 17 contributors selected in order to achieve a balanced coverage of both conceptual and philosophical ground together with issues of implementation and application.
    Periode16 mar. 20101 mar. 2011
    Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift