Nordes 2013

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed Organisation af og deltagelse i konference


    Part of organising Nordes 2013 conference, chair for the exhibition. - Experiments in Design Research: Expressions, Knowledge, Critique - The NORDES 2013 Design Research Exhibition explored the many aspects of design research as experimental practice. The design research exhibition can in itself be argued to be a piece of research, asking questions such as: What characterize a design research exhibition compared to a traditional design and art exhibition? How do you show the very materialities of the design experiments as a means for communicating knowledge of research and of practice? How do you present, review and utilize such an exhibition? With those questions in mind the intension and challenge for the Nordes 2013 Design Research Exhibition has been to take us beyond textual ways of staging research enquires in design conferences. Artifacts, installations, performances, and other materialities that relates to the theme of conference – Experiments in Design Research – is displayed as tools to express and communicate different design research enquires. Nordes is a network of people interested in design research and participating in the Nordes conferences, the Nordes Summer schools or other Nordes activities. Nordes is an open network that started with the first Nordic Design Research Conference in Copenhagen 2005
    Periode9 jun. 201312 jun. 2013
    PlaceringCopenhagen - Malmø, Danmark