Masterclass: Stressed Skins - robotic incremental sheet forming

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The technique of rigidising thin metal sheet can be used to make lightweight structures that integrate expression, structure and surface - a trajectory of
architectural and structural opportunity initialised by Jean Prouve, Junckers, and LeRicolais. But where previously the need for a mould has limited rigidisation
to contexts of mass production, mould-less Robotic Incremental Sheet Forming (RISF) provides a new way to fabricate customised and one-off ridigised sheets.

In this masterclass, we will explore RISF to propose speculative lightweight and highly differentiated metallic architectures. This masterclass will focus on integrating material models and feedback into the design and fabrication
process. Where architectural models of material typically assume stability of properties, in the ISF process geometric change implies property change as
the metal undergoes thinning and cold working. At the same time, material springback negatively effects the precise positioning of material. To track and integrate these changes, this workshop will investigate methods

Leader of international masterclass for bachelor, masters and PhD level students exploring facade applications for robotic incremental sheet forming.
Periode3 dec. 201715 dec. 2017
Sted for afholdelseUniversity of Technology Sydney, Australien, New South Wales