international symposium: ‘precisions’ on Le Corbusier as artist, as builder, and as planner"

Bjerrum, P. (Arrangør)

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed Organisation af og deltagelse i konference


    Besides referring to the essentials of Le Corbusier’s work as artist, builder and planner, the symposium intend to widen the critique of the modern movement, i.e. revaluate its conception of architecture in the light of the above mentioned scope, and subsequently tension between on the one hand the endeavor of assembling the generics of its matter and on the other hand differentiating the specifics of its artistic expression. This include the current trends in its fabrication, which – despite the potentials of parametric computation and the needs of globalized urbanization – tend, even more so than ever, to salute the make of its creator at the expense of the generics of its matter. How to balance in the light of todays challenges, above mentioned, the initial challenge embodied in Le Corbusier’s work.How, in other words, to balance the work as artist, builder and planner in the light of the outcry for consensus that steams from the needs of sustainability and climate change. With said point of departure in Le Corbusier’s ‘precisions’ the symposium intends to address such issues also in the light of history. Say, to treat the questions important for the future by the understanding of the past.
    Periode15 sep. 201117 sep. 2011
    PlaceringCopenhagen, Danmark


    • arkitekturteori, kunst, arkitektur, urbanisme, midlertidighed