Head of PRAHA 7 CONSTRUCTIONS Critical Written Reflection workshop

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Engaging students in their 3rd till 10th semester, during the two-day workshop 45 students performed a series of mappings in the municipal district of Prague 7. The subject matter of each mapping was extracted from a text on theory of architecture. Accordingly, in each mapping a particular position, hence approach to what may contribute to a definition of urbanity materialized in the format of a section in time and space. Conceived of as crowd mapping the students´ altogether five mappings resulted in the production of 225 maps, which - put together - told a fragmentary, however multi-faceted story of the vigorous complexities which constitute Prague 7.
Periode18 sep. 201819 sep. 2018
Sted for afholdelseARCHIP Architectural Institute in Prague, Tjekkiet
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • critical practice
  • critical theory
  • critical written reflection
  • workshop
  • other stories
  • crowd mapping
  • theory in practice