CREATION; EXAMINATION; REPRESENTATION: - excerpt from a doctoral thesis on artistic research

Bjerrum, P. (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


Considering the paradigmatic complexity of the theme ‘artistic research as architectural research paradigm’ stated in the brief of The Annual Symposium of The Nordic Association of Architectural Research, it is - at least I hope so - of some interest to discuss the first doctoral thesis being awarded the degree doctor architecturae, dr. arch. in Denmark.
The very fact that the degree was conferred on a doctoral thesis cat-egorized as artistic research, is politically and professionally a breakthrough of academic recognition in the field of the professions research through own media: objects, sketches, models, diagrams and notations.
In brief the doctoral thesis titled ‘Three Tales on Architecture’s Founding’ consists of the architectural objects: MENHIR, χΏρα, and Glass’enClosure carried out and exhibited 1996 – 99.
In addition to the initial artwork, presented by photos, sketches, diagrams and poetic notations, the thesis consists of an introductory theoretical essay and appendices for each object, which connect the thesis to the simultaneous founding of the architectural space on the object and in history - i.e. through a theoretical and historical discourse examine the ontological phenomenological status of the three founding tales.

The lecture, which I honourably was invited to give, intended to fur-ther elaborate the methodological questions of an artistic research paradigm within architecture, taking in to account also the criteria of the thesis committee, using those as reference for the below dis-cussion on the methodology of artistic research, which was not in the original thesis.

Key-note at the annual symposium "When Architects an Designers Write, Draw, Build a PhD", Nordic Association of Architectural Research, AARCH 4-6 May 2011
Periode6 maj 2011
Sted for afholdelseArkitektskolen Aarhus