Contemporary earthen architecture in the northern temperate climate

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation Foredrag og mundtlige bidrag


Earth was used as in rural Denmark until about 1860. In the 20th century, some progressive social communities saw earth as one of the answers to their building experiments. Contemporary ecological tendencies are rooted in these early experimental houses. Especially the number of experimental family houses designed using passive strategies and renewable materials have increased. Often the earth material, with its low environmental impact, is involved in the construction process. Building qualities include both pleasant living spaces and comfort in terms of better indoor climate. During the last few years we have seen new developments towards industrialized earthen building components. Hence the research question is: how can earth as a building material contribute to future Danish architecture? The results point out possible future developments in earthen architecture in Denmark.

Oral presentation
Periode15 sep. 2017
BegivenhedstitelSOStierra 2017 | 3rd VerSus | 3rd ResTAPIA: International Conference on Vernacular Earthen Architecture. Conservation and Sustainability
PlaceringValencia, Spanien