Architecture in Context

Earon, O. (Arrangør)

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed Organisation af og deltagelse i konference


    Architecture in Context – is a condensed PhD seminar, which at an overall level focus on how architecture is embedded in culture per se and likewise how various cultures are maintained and influenced by architecture. In this sense, architecture holds meaning that can be negotiated and in a wider perspective it can be claimed to include dialogues that address aspects of time, evolution, tradition, practice, performance and use. In this seminar context is understood in its concrete presence as, location, site, material means, crafts and construction, when dealt with in the creation of architecture. When these elements are researched from a cultural perspective some theories seem more appropriate to include than others, and similarly certain methods are more relevant and revealing to make use of than others. The seminar intends to focus at theories and methods and to discuss how these parts interact in various research designs, how they can be clarified, and how they can inform the findings and the research problem in question.
    Periode7 nov. 2013