Acquired Techniques II: Unfolding Spatial Mechanisms

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By forensic investigations of machines, this workshop unfolds the spatial mechanisms of the tools and techniques related to the architectural working process and methods.
The after-school workshop will focus upon architectural production as a conglomerate of various analogue and digital methods, and provide the basics, the tips/tricks - and how the tools themselves become operational for spatial/thematic investigations. Eventually, this will become an interweaved spatial machine, exhibition and pamphlet produced by the (by-)products of the trials and errors, tests and victories.

1 Machine Forensics
2 Re-tracing Space
3 Emerging Stereotomic Spaces
4 Versatile Systems
5 Chronotopic Conditions
6 Spatial Machine(s)

3.12 - 11.12 2013.

Exhibition opening at 11.12 18:30.

Led by Espen Lunde Nielsen, Karianne Halse, James Martin, Mika Friis and Jakob Ingemansson.
Periode3 dec. 201311 dec. 2013
Sted for afholdelseSpark / Aarhus School of Architecture, Danmark


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