8th international conference on architecture 2018

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Tensegrity and Interaction
The Korean ‘pojangmacha‘ as an inspiration for a new interactive street furniture
The subject of presentation is an analytical description of the conceptual transformation of the Korean street kitchen, or ‘pojangmacha‘, to a contemporary interactive street furniture in the streets of Gwangju in the southern part of
the Republic of Korea. The project is part of a research orientated teaching program at the Aarhus
School of Architecture and is a built contribution to the international Gwangju Folly 3 exhibition 2016-17. The exhibition achieved ‘the president’s medal’ for best architecture in South Korea 2016 by the Korean Institute of Architects.
Periode9 jul. 2018
PlaceringAthens, Grækenland
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Interactive Architecture
  • architectural structure
  • tensegrity