2018 Design Microconference

Herriott, R. (Arrangør)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed Organisation af og deltagelse i konference


The conference´s aim is to draw the attention of design research towards the form of designed objects by exploring the boundaries of design.

Design processes can be described (the technical, procedural aspects) and design aims explained (Inclusive Design, Sustainable Design). This is the stock of much design research. However, the core of design which is the visual is seemingly neglected other than in terms of the stimulus for a consumer response. The preferred natural science formats in design research writing tend to underplay the qualitative. Consider the structuring formula of background, literature review, hypothesis, methods, data and analysis. If the difference between design and engineering is the subjective and qualitative, is this format appropriate? Designers plan but not all planners design – does the managerial approach to design miss something critical? People solve problems through processes but sometimes the solution is just a sandwich. Is that design?

The seminar seeks to focus on the essential in design, that which makes it distinct from other disciplines. There is considerable latitude in this call for papers for a wide variety of views, those that emphasise ethical concerns, procedure and inclusive approaches to creativity. Such wide ranging views span from Herbert Simon (1996) to the work of David Pye (1964).
Periode5 sep. 20187 sep. 2018
PlaceringKolding, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseInternational